Monday, October 11, 2010

I never imagined I would have a teenage daughter that resembled myself in so many different aspects not only physically but emotionally as well but also is so different in many aspects. gemma is 13 as of June 11th. I remember feeling very angry and feeling like I didn't fit in at that age. Gemma--on the other hand has more friends then she can count and has demostrated amazing self confidence with trying volleyball, track, basketball, art classes, and photography. I had no self confidence as a teenager and am not sure how or where gemma got this amazing quality. On the other hand she is addicted to facebook and her cell phone, she has moods like you wouldn't believe, and academically she does what she needs to do to make a's and b's and nothing above and beyond.
I want to be the best mom I can and direct my children the way they need to go but sometimes I feel so inadequate and tired--and the most I can do is not going to suffice. I hope that the love and support i can give my children will be a strong foundation for their future.


ItsLiz said...

Your daughter got that self confidence from you ... you raised her by giving her something huge that you thought you were lacking ... :) good job mom!!

The Tobin Family said...

Beautiful Gemma is proof of what a great job you all have done with parenting. You show her every day how to be a strong, capable woman who would do anything for her kids. What a great mom and wonderful example of a great woman too. I can still see Gemma as a baby. It's hard to believe she has already grown into a young woman.

CIS_120_Blog said...

may be you just need to be her friend and give her what she wants in your way.

good to read your blog.